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Dawn Wade, MA, Art Therapist- ATR 13-048,

Certified Hypnotherapist,
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist- LMFT 53765

Rocklin Professional Center
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Hope is an art.  
Continue to practice it.
-Inspired by Maya Angelou

​Adult Counseling Psychotherapy Services- Individuals and Couples

Our Mission- Together, you and I work as a team to discover and nurture your inner resources and build supports for your growth and health.  As my client, I, Dawn Wade, LMFT, offer you heartfelt therapy, individual attention, and can help with the unique journey that is you and help you be your best.  I bring authenticity to our sessions.  This means I’ll be genuine and validating; I'll be a supportive listener, guide, and a sounding board.  As a team, we'll create a compassionate, safe place where you can experience the relief of feeling heard and validated and can receive the help you need for dealing with your issues and concerns.  
Often, I will check in with you to be sure your needs are being met.

Anxiety & Depression

Building resources & support

Chronic illness (mental & physical)

Divorce, separation, or transitioning lifestyles

Emotional stress

Fear, anger, or guilt

Feelings of loneliness & isolation

Grief or loss

HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) concerns

LGBTQ+ concerns

Negative Self-judgment

Relationship issues

Trauma & PTSD

The desire to simply explore yourself and a significant person more deeply 

Dawn Wade, MA, LMFT  

Working With:

​​Psychotherapist- LMFT 53765,  Art Therapist- ATR 13-048

Dawn Wade
Licensed MFT / Art Psychotherapist / Owner- Heart Mind And Health Therapy

Experience- Life & Education:

      I am a Registered Art Therapist (ATR), Certified Hypnotherapist, and a 
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist working in the Greater Roseville area.  

      What I offer: Even though it is not necessary for someone to have a certain life experience to help another person through theirs, some clients find comfort in knowing the level of empathy I bring.  As a middle-aged adult, some of my personal life experiences include: 
   Navigating life as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) 
   Long-term relationships- experience with the challenges, turmoil, and joy they can bring. 
   Personal therapy- I get what it's like from the other side of the couch.  I know how frustrating and unsatisfying a poor therapy experience can be and how good therapy is supportive and rewarding.
   Experiencing a bi-cultural upbringing- perhaps you have experienced the joy, shame, pride, and frustration of a unique heritage.
   Growing up with multi-generational chronic mental health issues- perhaps you or a significant person has on-going issues or illness and would like to explore more ways to cope and relate effectively.
   Care for disabled, elderly, and dying family members- I can offer insight into life transitions, chronic illness, and the paths of loss and grief. 

      A broken heart can give us strength, understanding, and compassion.  A heart never broken is pristine and will never know the joy of being imperfect. - Unknown author         

      I have worked with people from age six to eighty-six and a variety of diagnoses and issues including:  personality disorders, mood disorders, dual diagnosis, developmental delays, autism, PTSD and trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, loss, anger and stress.  My current practice focuses solely on adult psychotherapy.

     M.A., Marital & Family Therapy and completion of Graduate Art Therapy Program from Notre Dame de Namur University, Belmont, CA
     B.A., Psychology and Art Studio (double major) from University of California Davis

    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) MFC#53765
    Registered Art Therapist (ATR) #13-048
    Certified Hypnotherapist
    EMDR Practitioner (Level 2)
    Brainspotting Practitioner

    Consultant for professional Art Therapy and Psychotherapy colleagues and practices (2009 to present)
    Consultation Group Facilitator (2013 to 2018)
    Member of AATA, American Art Therapy Association                                            
    Member of CAMFT, California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists  
    Member of CAMFT-SVC, Sacramento Valley Chapter 
    Member of NorCATA, Northern California Art Therapy Association



     As a client, you can expect that our discussions and your art will be kept confidential, except as otherwise required or permitted by law.  Examples of times when confidentiality must be broken are when child abuse has occurred or where a client threatens violence against another person.  You are also entitled to a Good Faith Estimate for charges.

​Information from this site is meant to be used with the guidance of a licensed mental health professional; the information provided on this site does not constitute a therapy relationship.

​​​​​          | Therapy Style  |  Why use an MFT or Art Therapist? |

Therapy Style- Basically, my approach with you depends on the needs and goals of each session as well as those longer term.  My style is mainly Eclectic/Integrative and utilizes Experiential, Existential, Humanistic, Mindfulness-based, Brief Therapy, EMDR, Brainspotting, and some Cognitive Behavioral (CBT).   

I specialize in Art Therapy, which can be use in a variety of ways or not at all in our sessions together.  Perhaps a portion or all of your session would work better by exploring an issue in a non-verbal manner. 

A picture can be worth a thousand words. -Anonymous

Have you ever felt unclear about what to say, how to say it, or perhaps there are no words yet?  I can help you bridge the non-verbal and clarify the verbal by helping you access your creative resources through visualization.  Art is one way to make a concrete visualization, and it does not require art skills.  All you need is a desire to explore.

Words that clients often will use to describe Art Therapy: fun, safe, helpful, enlightening, and transformative.

Art therapy tools can include, but are not limited to the following:
clay, paper mache, playdoh
exploration of hobbies & interests
metaphor & symbolism

 Why work with a MFT or an Art Therapist? 

Therapists work in private practice as well as various other settings with individuals (children, adolescents, adults, and elders), couples, and families, providing support and perspective as clients explore issues and life's challenges.

A Marriage and Family Therapist may help individuals, couples, and families explore and solve problems.  An Art Therapist can provide an additional outlet and tools to conventional talk therapy.

A Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) can utilize a variety of customized techniques, like
Brainspotting and EMDR, to resolve problems or reduce symptoms in the shortest time possible.  We also have the skills to help where more intensive, long-term treatment is needed for relief, resolution, and healing.  In other words, we help clients work-out solutions according to individual values and lifestyles.  We use psychology, research, and our training, and rely on the expertise of our colleagues when we conduct confidential consultations regarding your issues.  

Issues that Marriage and Family Therapists & Art Therapists can help (including, not limited too):
Anxiety & Depression
Divorce, separation, or transitioning lifestyles
Emotional or mental stress 
Excessive alcohol or drug use

HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) concerns
LBGTQ concerns
Fear, anger, or guilt
Feelings of loneliness & isolation
Grief or emotional loss & pain
Trauma & PTSD
Unexplained fatigue

Common uses of Art Therapy to help and heal include, but are not limited to the following:

Children or young adults having problems in school
Children, adolescents, adults, and couples with personal problems
Parents and families struggling with adoption, parenting, blending, or re-unification
People with more serious issues such as autism, brain injuries, cancer, depression, eating disorders, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
People under stress or pressure
People with a general mental health issues
People with learning disabilities or difficulties
Anyone who would simply like to explore themselves more deeply can be someone who uses art therapy.