Dawn Wade, MA, LMFT  

Healing Welcome- You want to feel better, reduce and eliminate pain, and connect more deeply.  Exploration has brought you here.

​​​​​​​​Seeking professional assistance is a sign of courage and a willingness to deal with life's many changes.

If you're looking for a Roseville area therapist to support you and help you unravel your knots and unblock stuck places, I'd like to help. I provide psychotherapy for adults experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, stress, counseling for couples and marriage issues, and more.

Do you want to improve the health of a relationship so you feel heard, better understood, appreciated, and fulfilled?

Do you want choices beyond traditional talk therapy?

Do you find change and loss difficult or have you experienced a trauma or traumatic events?

Do you find yourself feeling frustrated, irritable, overwhelmed, or just unsettled?  

Have you been told you're "too sensitive"?

Do you want to let go of past events or the knots created with negative self-judgments?

Are you ready to discover and explore the patterns and blocks that keep you stuck in anger, anxiety, emotional distress, lost sleep, or physical pain?

Are you interested in working with a therapist whom goes beyond mental health and considers your whole person-  physical, mental, and spiritual?

If you long to connect deeply with yourself and/or a significant person; if you want to feel whole and at peace.... Then I can help.

As a client, you can expect that our discussions and your art will be kept confidential, except as required or permitted by law.  You are also entitled to a
Good Faith Estimate for charges.

If you’re wondering if I work with the issue you are dealing with, feel free to contact me to discuss your concerns and questions.  Chances are I can help or, if not, provide a referral to someone who can.

​​Psychotherapist- LMFT 53765,  Art Therapist- ATR 13-048

Heart Mind And Health Therapy

Basically, we all want to feel whole....Good relationships 
foster freedom 
not dependence
-Erving Polster 

Dawn Wade, MA, Art Therapist- ATR 13-048, Certified Hypnotherapist,
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist- LMFT 53765

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Rocklin, CA 95677
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