Directions to Rocklin Professional Center

From Auburn:

1.    Take I-80 W toward   

2.    Take the ROCKLIN ROAD exit,
       staying toward the RIGHT.

3.    Using the LEFT Turn

       lane, Turn LEFT onto

       PACIFIC ST. for 0.7 miles

4.    Then turn RIGHT onto SUNSET BLVD. 

       for 0.5 miles

5.    Center is on the RIGHT (grey building)


From Sacramento:

1.    Take I-80 E toward


2.    Take TAYLOR ROAD exit toward
       PACIFIC ST. for 1.0 mile
3.    Turn LEFT onto SUNSET BLVD.
       for 0.5 miles.  

4.    Center is on the RIGHT (grey building)

From Lincoln:
1.    Take HWY 65 to SUNSET BLVD. exit,          staying to the LEFT.
2.    Turn LEFT onto SUNSET BLVD. for 4           miles.
3.    Make a U-Turn at SPRINGVIEW DR. for        0.1 mile.
4.    Center is on the RIGHT (grey building)

From Rocklin:
1.    Center is located on SUNSET BLVD.            between S. WHITNEY BLVD. and        
       SPRINGVIEW DR. in the Rocklin
       Professional Center (grey building)


Celebrate what you do know and acknowledge what you don't.  I commend you in your effort to reach out, and   I hope you find the assistance you need.
Therapy for Heart, Mind, & Health
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Making A Connection  (email or call 916-905-4278)

Seeking professional assistance is a sign of courage and a willingness to deal with life's many changes.

Part of what (art, hypno, play, & talk) therapy can do is clarify what you are seeing, thinking, and feeling.

Have you ever felt unclear about what to say, how to say it, or perhaps there are no words yet?

Have you experienced trauma and now you are stuck in the present and unable to move forward?

I can help you safely interact with trauma and discover where you are stuck and what needs to happen to heal.  I can help you bridge the non-verbal and clarify the verbal by helping you access your creative resources through visualization.  Art is one way to make a concrete visualization, and it does not require art skills.  All you need is a desire to be unstuck and grow.

 Here's an example of the art therapy process.  This image, created by a client, represents part of their journey with issues specific to them and their therapy.  Perhaps you can imagine their experience and how you will utilize your own resources to help you on your journey.  I can help you access and build your resources, explore your issues, and grow.

Words that clients often will use to describe art therapy: fun, safe, helpful, enlightening, and transformative.

Thanks for visiting.  Please contact me to schedule a confidential interview and session.

Dawn Wade, MA, Art Therapist- ATR, Cert. Hypnotherapist, 
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist- MFC 53765

Rocklin Professional Center
3175 Sunset Blvd., Suite 104
Rocklin, CA 95677
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